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  • What I see in the Mirror
  • Heaven on Earth: the Finnish Archipelago

  • Atricel for the Times about Suffolk pylon scheme

    Article in the Times - Time and Place
    Rivers article - The Times
    Rivers extract in Mail on Sunday
    Civic Societies Initiative article
    Heritage and Politics article (Civic SOciety Initiative)
    Restoration Revisited/Australia article
    Times Article about Personal Finance
    Interview on BBC Look East about boat fire
    Galapagos rescue article
    Losing It article
    Giant TVs win my gold medal for crassness Radio Times article Dickens and the Invention of Christmas
    Mountain Article
    Travel Article
    Rudyard Kipling Article
    Travel Article - St Moritz
    Meet The Author To The Baltic with Bob


  • At Home with Griff Rhys Jones: Financial Times
    Telegraph interview re Greatest Cities

    Sky interview on Greatest Cities

    Witter interview with Griff

    Interview with Griff backstage at Oliver

    Griff takes over as Fagin

    Back and Forth interview

    Independent article clarifying angling debate
    Article re Norfolk boatyard

    Daily Mail coverage of anglers/canoeists debate
    Chester Chronicle interview re Rivers
    Wales Online interview
    Holidays 2009 - The Times
    Times article on river access
    Suffolk Free Press report on Griff's support for Hands off Hadleigh Tesco campaign
    Video and account of visit to Hadleigh to support the Tesco protest
    Evening Star report on Griff's visit to Hadleigh
    Interview in Telegraph after holiday rescue
    Daily Mirror account of escape from burning boat
    Interview in the Independent with John Lloyd
    Interview in The People
    Metro article on Losing It
    Losing It: BBC Interview
    Times interview on Losing It
    Losing It documentary - short article from The Sun
    Thomas Hardy documentary article
    Green Flag Awards - Presidency of the Civic Trust
    Gallery Opening in Fitzrovia
    Thomas Hardy premier
    Mountain Interview
    Sunday Times Feature
    The Resident Interview
    This Is London interview
    Metro Interview
    Sunday Times Interview
    This Much I Know: Guardian Interview
    Pembrokeshire Farm Interview
    Betjeman Interview
    Restoration Village Interview
    Arthur Ransome Article
    Cambridge Architecture Department Interview
    Cambridge protesting against closure of Architecture course
    Daily Mail Interview (pre-release of Puckoon)
  • Restoration Interview - The Observer
    Restoration Interview (Series 2)
    Hackney Empire Interview
    Restoration Follow Up Interview
    Restoration Interview (Series 1)
    Guardian: Talkback Interview


  • Edinburgh Festival Magazine's review of Griff's talk there in 2009
    Losing It: Andrew Billen (The Times)
    Losing It: Patricia Wynne Davies (Daily Telegraph)
    Losing It: TV Scoop
    Losing it: Pat Stacey (Herald, Ireland)
    Losing It: David Belcher
    Semi-Detached: Alan Coren
    Semi-Detached: John Preston
    Semi-Detached: Will Cohu
    To the Baltic with Bob: Martin Gayford
    To the Baltic with Bob: Lloyd Evans


    How to Ensure Police Protection for a Teenage Daughter
    "Drink" said the holy man. I drank. It was a big mistake
    First the Fox, Now the Flu...
    I am at one with the Little Sisters of the Hanging Pyx
    Three Men in a Megastore: Shopping at its most bizarre
    Into the Thames, Mr Prescott: you need the sympathy
    Mr his old cords and gardening jumper
    An acre of England: it's cheaper than a second-hand car
    Hairy, Smelly and Wild: just right for Celebrity Big Brother
    To be a good father, you have to learn how to slay
    And it all started with a Christmas game of poker
    Spear carrier or plumber? At my school we'll teach both
    Fifteen sketchwriters & they still don't get the joke
    Who buys those shoes? It's the Unsolved Airport Mystery
    Spare that tree? Not with all these lawyers about
    Rub-a-dub-dub and three flashing ducks in my tub
    It's like being in a marriage....
    I landed a low punch and it's what planners deserve
    Ratty apologises, he's too busy for boating today


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