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Enormous thanks go to Griff, Paul Cornwell, Cameron Mackintosh Ltd, John Need, The Civic Trust, Simon Hodges, Judith Goddard, Gary Nightingale, Matt Haswell and Peter Gray at the ITV Publicity Office for all their help and cooperation.

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On location - tribal art documentary

with thanks to Griff Rhys Jones

University of Essex Honorary Degree Ceremony, July 2010

University of Essex 2010

Greatest Cities of the World Series 2

Episode 1: Rome

Episode 2: Sydney

Episode 3: Hong Kong

ITV Productions Ltd 2010.

Click here for photograph of Griff as Fagin in Oliver!

Photograph Seamus Ryan Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

General gallery

courtesy of Griff Rhys Jones

Andrew Yarme

courtesy of Cover to Cover Bookshop, The Mumbles, Swansea

John Need

courtesy of Paul Cornwell

with the kind permission of Matt Haswell

courtesy of Judith Goddard

Cardiff University Honorary Fellowship Ceremony, July 2009

Cardiff University 2009.

On location - filming new rivers/waterways programme

courtesy of Paul Cornwell

Paul Cornwell

courtesy of Simon Hodges

courtesy of Gary Nightingale

Greatest Cities of the World

Episode 1: New York

Episode 2: London

Episode 3: Paris

ITV Productions Ltd 2008.

It'll be Alright on the Night

ITV Productions Ltd 2008.

The Civic Trust

The Civic Trust 2008.

Photograph kindly provided by The Civic Trust, June 2008

University of Bangor Honorary Fellowship Ceremony

Photographs kindly provided by University of Bangor, July 2008


With thanks to Paul Cornwell

Mine All Mine

Red Production Company Ltd 2008.

Marple: 4:50 From Paddington

ITV Productions Ltd 2008.


ITV Productions Ltd 2008.

The World According to Smith & Jones

ITV Productions Ltd 2008.

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